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Barking Mad provides the very best professional home dog boarding. We helped Barking Mad create a modern approach to their franchise territories by analysing their entire franchisee network.

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What does Barking Mad do?

Established in 2000, Barking Mad franchise branch owners deliver a comprehensive dog boarding service in the specific postcode territories they work in. Barking Mad K9HQ in turn, provides excellent support and training from the initial launch and throughout their business partnership with all in their network.

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The key questions

How are the Barking Mad franchisees currently performing?

Answering the first question meant bringing together as much franchisee trade data as possible. Primarily looking at the location of all customers and hosts (the people looking after the dogs) in the network. Combining this with the territory each franchisee had been awarded, it was easy to see on a map how well each franchisee was covering their territory. The entire Barking Mad network was doing a great job and it was clear there was a very strong national brand and market reach.

What does the future of Barking Mad look like?

To answer the second question, Barking Mad informed Atlas Mapping that their aim was for franchisees to operate a more targeted territory making better use of local markets. This would lead to an improved host and customer relationship and help franchisees focus on building up a great local brand presence.

Creating great territories

With a comprehensive territory approach determined, Atlas Mapping hand built the entire new Barking Mad territory network using Postcode geography. Each territory was designed to hold enough potential customers for a franchisee to be successful and to also be operable with a reasonable drive time. Alongside these factors, the local infrastructure was taken into account so that all of the territories offered a realistic representation of the market available to a franchisee.

Creating great territories for Barking Mad

Understanding limits

During this process, it was also important to identify which areas of the country are too sparsely populated for the current franchise model to work effectively. So there were some large rural areas of the UK where territories were not created.

The end result was an extensive network or territories that gave Barking Mad the total number of available markets and territories to target for franchisee recruitment.

Understanding business limits for Barking Mad

Atlas Mapping’s systems have allowed us to work closely with our franchise network to further identify priorities and hotspots for those we wish to target. We make sure that our support sessions include covering the reports we are able to produce from Vision. It’s another USP we have to explain to potential franchisees the number of tools we have to support them and stay ahead of our competition.

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Setting up Vision

To make the best use of their new understanding of their customers and territory network, Barking Mad chose to sign up to Vision. Vision displays all of their territory and demographic information on top of a Google Map, meaning that all of the information is contextual and accessible in a couple of mouse clicks.

They key customer and host demographics were conveniently combined into two separate target household categories so that the overall opportunity in area is extremely easy to identify.

Setting up Vision for Barking Mad

More about franchise territory mapping

Check out our franchise territory mapping page here to see our entire process simply explained. We can even give you an indication of the likely investment you will need to meet your territory network ambitions.

Franchise Territory Mapping

More about Vision

Vision is the easiest and best way to manage your franchise territory network. With the ability to view detailed demographics and share territories online with franchisees it's the must have tool for any recruitment team.

Franchise Mapping Software

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