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TREND Transformations® are a full-service home and business remodelling franchise, offering an impressive selection of stylish, luxurious and elegant surfaces at reasonable prices.

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The brief

We are very lucky to have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with Granite Transformations UK since our earliest days.

As part of a rebrand to TREND Transformations®, we were asked to help define the franchise opportunities in UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and provide the means to manage the network.


Learning from the past

Our first step was to look at the achievements of the Granite Transformations franchise network.

We considered customer location, behaviour, and distance-to-store, and then added socio-economic and market data to build a real picture of what each franchisee had achieved.


Looking to the future

Looking at the past painted a part of the picture, but with the change in the brand to TREND Transformations®, we had to consider the appeal to a wider audience than they had before.

We discussed this in depth with management and made adjustments to our suggested territory model to ensure their dreams will become a reality.


The new global network

We agreed that each territory should contain a minimum of 100,000 homes, providing each showroom with ample opportunity for success within a reasonable drive time.

The result? A global franchise territory network of around 1,000 single-unit opportunities with additional expansion areas.


The delivery method

We delivered a global implementation of our software Vision® which allows each country to manage both their new and existing territory networks.

Through Vision®, TREND Transformations® can easily see the available franchise opportunities, share them with potential owners, and manage single and multi-unit areas.

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How did this all benefit TREND Transformations®?

Franchise Territory Mapping Knowing the customer

An analysis of customer drive times and the application of socio-economics has given them a deeper understanding of their customers.

Franchise Territory Mapping Every opportunity defined

An investment in global franchise territory mapping means they can concentrate on franchisee recruitment knowing where the opportunities are.

Franchise Territory Mapping Confidence in the model

Because the territories are based on the results of analysing the existing franchise network, new franchisees will be more confident in the opportunity.

Vision® Access anywhere, anytime!

As Vision® is web-based, the team can access all of the information they need in seconds from anywhere in the world.

Vision® Improved management

Intuitive use of colour by Vision® enforces consistency worldwide and allows each country's team to identify which territories are awarded and which are available.

Vision® 500 franchisees by 2025

Sharing territories through beautiful reports in Vision® helps TREND Transformations® to sell more franchises and reach their goal of 500 by 2025.

Increased credibility and confidence in the brand

Our involvement as a third-party in redeveloping the TREND Transformations® territory network has increased credibility with potential franchisees.

Existing franchisees have higher confidence with access to detailed information on their customers, local market, and expansion opportunities.


I've been involved in franchisee recruitment for 14 years, and Atlas Mapping have played a huge part in creating credibility and trust in the brand through their territory mapping. I use the mapping proactively throughout the entire franchisee recruitment process to create and focus interest, and, when new franchisees join, the mapping becomes integral to them understanding their customer demographic, target marketing and their own franchise expansion strategies.

It's hard to a put a true value when involving Atlas Mapping in creating or redeveloping your franchise territories, but what I can say is that the part they play in the ultimate decision franchise candidates make to join the company, and the ongoing confidence it gives existing franchisees to help run their business, makes it one of the most invaluable tools in the franchisors support toolkit.

Dugan Aylen, Head of Global Franchisee Recruitment

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