Making the market accessible

Even with the right data, the right geography, and an understanding of how much business opportunity your territories need; if you don't make the market as accessible as you can, it can all come tumbling down.

A better connection to your customers

Local transport infrastructure quite literally connects you to your customers. Use it to improve efficiency and make it easier to do business.

Usually, it's enough to ensure territories are put together so that they follow the most major roads in the area, but in larger cities, public transport will be popular so make sure you bear its routes in mind.



It's much harder to swim against the current

Rivers have always been a beautiful part of our natural landscape, but the cost of building bridges means we only cross them when we need to. This restricts customer and franchisee movements.

When you're creating territories that cover both sides of a river, make time to assess the location of crossings and ensure they exist within the territory boundary.


Geographical barriers to business

Remember that a successful territory contains enough business opportunity in a manageable area.

Mountains, valleys and large ultra-rural spaces all hinder area serviceability; and therefore profit margins. In most business models, they should never become a part of a territory.


Keeping it together

Make sure your territories are always a single area. One of the best ways to ruin a territory is by having another separate it into multiple parts, or by "snaking" the territory around the edge of another.

Doing so will reduce serviceability, decrease profit margins, make marketing much more difficult and less beneficial to the franchise owner, and increase friction in your network.


Building great territories is hard work

Even when you've got the data, the boundaries, and the software with which to do it, getting each territory right is a challenge; not to mention time-consuming when you're not an expert.

Let us ease the burden


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